How Do I Send Pictures From Yahoo Mail To My Facebook?


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The best way to send pictures from Yahoo mail, or any other online, free email service, is to know your own Facebook email address and use it as an endpoint. Once you've uploaded a pic to your Yahoo mail, simply write yourself a quick message, addressed to your Facebook email address, and then attach the pic.

  • Email tips

When you open your Facebook email, which you can do at home, on your personal computer, or on a mobile communication device, such as an iPhone, you can then open the picture. If you have trouble opening the picture, contact Facebook support and ask for help. Once you're inside of Facebook, it will be harder to send messages back to Yahoo mail from your FB email, because FB email and attachments don't mix too well.

  • Cut and paste

If you want to send photos back and forth, it's best to cut the photo from your Facebook profile or photo page, and then paste in into the body of an email. Then, mail it out to your Yahoo email address and you're done! Sharing photos is a great way to enjoy memories of fun experiences, or to save a special pic of someone you care about. For many people, social networking is also a great way to meet fun, new people - and their photos may be desirable objects.

Of course, it's never cool to cut and paste someone else's photo without their permission. In fact, you can actually get in trouble for doing this, since there may be copyright issues with using another person's work. As well, many people have privacy issues, and they won't appreciate it if their private photographs end up out in the public domain, or in Google searches. So, you should always be careful what you do with the photos you email from Yahoo to Facebook, and vice versa.

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