What Is An Archive Folder?


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By archiving a folder, the tech-ies mean to back up or store in another place so as to recover hard-disk capacity. Old items which are not used for a period of time can be achieved. Achieving occurs mainly in mail boxes such as your Microsoft Outlook. With dozens of huge mails, hard disk capacity may not be enough. Therefore achieving lets you back up my compressing the files and making more space available in your hard disk.
Though Archiving can be done automatically, however when the needs arises you can achieve a folder manually as well. Here are the steps you need to follow to achieve a folder in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.

First of all, check the left hand side, where your folder list is generally present, if not click on to the menu "Go" and find "Folder list"Once the folder list appears, choose the folder that you wish to archive and go to the menu "File" and click on "Archive".

Once a window appears choose the option "Archive this folder and all sub-folders", you can also select the date till which you would like your data to be archived. The last option is for you to save the archive file; you can save it any place that you wish to. You can click "OK" to archive the folder. Archiving is done consistently in big organizations where huge amount of data is sent daily through emails which require a lot of hard-capacity.

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