What Is Archive Folder In Outlook?


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Archive means completely deleting the mails. If we click the archive by selecting any mail then the mail will be completely deleted and it is not available in the "Trash "or "Deleted Mails".There is small difference between trash and delete that is if we click the delete option by selecting any mail then it will be deleted and is available in trash but it is not in the case of Archive.
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It is a method and procedure that has been created for staff and faculty who wants to take emails more than 180 days. This procedure is followed by designated valid signer to make an e-mail archive folder. Once accepted then the signer request that ITS make this folder for you. In archive folder you will be able to drag and drop emails into this folder.

If you want to have an email archive folder made for you, you must first see the Guidelines on Document Retention (this is an Adobe Acrobat File). Then you should link to your school or division's valid signer for archive accounts. This valid signer may be the dean of your. When your request is approved by authorized signer then you send a request to administrator through email to make Archived folder in your email account.

ITS see the request from the valid signer to whom you have send request. They will verify your request and make the Archive folder for you.After creation of folder it is very easy to use that folder. You can keep messages into that folder. If you are using outlook or Netscape then you can move the message by dragging and dropping easily.
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In computer language archive means to store our company's important documents in a proper way.

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