How To Start Typing? Are There Any Basics For That?


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Typing with the rules and regulation is not a tuff job. You just need to know about some basic rules and some practice to get perfect in typing. The lessons for the typing vary. There are a lot of typing software, which can be beneficial in learning the type rules and regulations. Some typing games also available to improve the typing speed and accuracy.

The first rule for typing is to look at your text not at your fingers. All the lessons should be written on paper and rightly placed in front of you and your attention must be reading these lessons character by character.

Now, place your left little finger on letter "A" the finger on "S" next on "D" and next on "F". In the same way place your right little finger on ";" ring finger on "L" next on "K" and next on "J". You may notice that the "F" and "J" keys have some special embossed keys. This defines your starting place. You must place your fingers on these keys.

Your first lesson will be ASDF ;LKJ. Write these letter on a paper and try typing them without looking at your fingers. Repeating these letter in your mind and them press the appropriate keys will lead you to learn these lessons quickly. Next lesson is ASDFGF ;LKJHJ. Now you have to press G with your left index finger and then F with this finger as well. You can visit for detailed lessons about typing.
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You may use general typing practice topics which are easy to get from internet. You may download it from any cd. They are very helpful in all regards. You will surely love them. If you are interested to learn about the general stuff then you should read the general topics of typing. You may take help from typing tutor present in our personal computers. You just have to get to it then you will be making fun with it.

It will tell you how to use the general fingers and thumbs on the keyboard. It will also tell you that which finger is fixed for which word and which digit. You will be getting habitual with all of them by and by. This would be an awesome thing that you will do for yourself if you could get to online tutor of keyboard as well. Hope you would be able to do justice with keyboard tutor by yourself. Follow proper guidelinbes for learning it at a fast pace. Good luck!
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You can download many tutorials from internet on typing basics. Many good softwares are available in market and you can also download them from internet. I have seen many types of software such as typing tutor 2002, typing master etc etc. But the best typing tutor software is typing tutor 10 in my opinion. Actually you can use this software directly from CD. You don't need to install it, but if you want to install it then you can do that but it gives you facility to use without installing it and in this way this is unique from other softwares. It allows you to play games and these games are based on lessons.

So it gives you opportunity to play games and at the same time you are learning typing. So in this way it is just amazing and believe me the games I found in this software are also very attractive and amazing. Lessons are categorized on the basis of your typing quality. If you are new then the lessons will be very easy for you but if you will select professional mode then it will show you tough lessons so in this way it is also very good.I know it is tough for you people to understand what I am saying so I will advice you to use other typing software but must use typing tutor 10. I hope it will help you a lot.

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