How To Take Pictures With A Built-In Webcam On An Advent Laptop?


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Usually the laptop manufacturer provides pre-installed software with which you can take still photos and manage your webcam's functions.

If you're struggling to make it work or you're having issues finding the software- here's what to do:

How to get the webcam on an Advent laptop to take pictures?

I'd be really surprised if a built-in web cam didn't come with software enabling you to use it.

If you're struggling to find any software or a driver for your webcam, the following steps might be useful:

  • Click on 'Start'
  • Click on 'Control panel'
  • Select 'Device and printers'
  • Your webcam should be listed in this section, and you should be able to open up the related software from here.
  • Once you've got the software running, use the help guide to find information on how you take still shots.
Another option would be to contact the manufacturer directly. Ask them whether the laptop was meant to come with any software for the webcam - and if it's missing, where you can get it from.

Finally, if you can film video footage with your camera but simply can't get a still shot - I'd recommend playing back a video recording and taking a screenshot of the frame you want to use as a still!

Hope this helped.

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