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You can sign up for this service by using their website. Their website address is, and on the homepage you should see information regarding signing up for the service.

  • Why people can't do this at the moment
For a while, there seems to have been a problem with the company's website. This has meant that people have been unable to access it for a good while, meaning that nobody has been able to get involved with the registration procedure using the website.

  • Once the website is fixed
As soon as the website has been fixed and it is accessible again you should easily be able to sign up for the service. You simply need to follow all the links from the homepage that relate to registration. You will be given a number of different fields and all you have to do is fill in those fields with relevant information.

  • Other ways of signing up
Keep trying the website, but if after a while it continues to be unavailable then you may want to check on Google if the company has a new website. You may come across another professional looking website of the same name. If you can't find a link then you should try and get in touch with them over the phone. Talking to them over the phone will be the quickest way of registering or finding out how to register.

If you want to get in touch through the mail then that's fine too, as they will be able to reply to you with the information you need. The address for the company is as follows:

Educomp Solutions Ltd.
Educomp Towers,
514, Udyog Vihar Phase III
Gurgaon-122 001
Tel: +91 - 0124 - 4529000

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