Can i know about registration of educomp smart class?


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Have a little look at this link: It has plenty of information about the product you are looking for, as well as the benefits of using it within a classroom environment. There is also contact information there that will enable you to talk to someone who has a vast knowledge of the product, and so should therefore be able to help you with your query in a fast and effective way.

  • About the company EduComp

Based in India, EduComp is one of the biggest education orientated companies in Asia. Working with over 26,000 schools, and over 15 million teachers and pupils across the world, EduComp employs more than 15,000 people.

Directed by Shatanu Prakash, the company was founded in 1994 and has 27 major offices worldwide and provides 20 products and services, such as EduComp Smartclass, Edureach and Millenium Schools.   

  • About EduComp Smartclass

The technological answer to enabling teaching and learning to be as effective as possible, Educomp Smartclass was invented to help tutors in meeting the everyday trials and tests that are the norm in a typical classroom environment, whilst also improving the pupils' understanding.

Used by more than 4.3 million in more than 6,500 private schools in India, EduComp Smartclass is one of the more firmly established services that EduComp has to offer the educational system.

  • About Edureach

Being the one and only company in all of India to offer a service such as this in 11 different regional dialects, it is safe to say that EduComp is extremely proud of the service that Edureach provides its consumer:  Fully equipped answers for computer aided understanding in many government schools. This service is in fact so popular that more than 5.8 million students across India are benefiting from it.

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