What Username Would You Suggest Me To Use On Facebook? (Username, Life Is Not Available For Me At Facebook)


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Mike Profile
Mike answered
If you don't mind using your real name, you might have to because that is the easiest way to find a name. Other than that, maybe you can name yourself "Happy Life" or something like that. Good luck my friend!
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Omer Butt
Omer Butt commented
Happy Life was good one, I woudl try that. Do send in more suggestions in comments.
Mike commented
Healthy life!
Rola Barbakh Profile
Rola Barbakh answered
How about...the life before death????
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Omer Butt
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LOL-That might end up in scaring some-LOL!
I just joined in their and got username, with link to that on my profile.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
That is so easy for me hon!!! SUPER HUGGER It fits you you know that right? Love you. Tigg
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
Pyaara bhai (Lovely brother) would best suits you mere bhai. By the by please check whether my userid exists over there loll. I m thinking of creating an account too loll.
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Omer Butt
Omer Butt commented
I have just created one. Do, Visit my profile for links to my Facebook and Twitter profile!
Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
I like the one that said healthy life.  Or the ones that Tiger mentioned with hugs in them.  That is totally you.  They are all good.  I like them all.  I don't really have one that I can think of right now.  Just make sure you add me as a friend.  Lisa Muniz, when you get on there.  I love facebook.  It is a fun site.  Blurtit is getting kind of boring.  I only come back because I have friends on here besides the prayer group.  If you use another name like your real name, make sure you tell me its you.  I add people only if I know them.  I have so many friends there from blurtit, I don't even know who is who.  Like by what name they use here at blurtit.  I need to find out though.

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