What Is Username?


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A person who has a username can either by a person or software who uses a computer or network service. This person will usually have a user account which can be accessed by their individual username and password.

Usernames can be pretty much anything that the person chooses, as long as they abide by the rules of the website in question and only use the characters that they are allowed. For example, some websites don't allow dashes (-) or underscores (_) to be used in usernames.

The most common place where a username is required is an email address. The username will be the part that comes before the @(email provider).com.  Most people use their real name or some sort of variation of their real name for their email address so that people who receive emails know who they are.

It can sometimes be frustrating for people who try to create an email account when they see that the username they had their heart set on has already been taken. If this is the case then the website will usually provide some alternative suggestions that incorporate the name of the person and usually a number combination.

If you forget your username then the majority of websites will allow you to be sent a reminder email to the email address that you provided when you registered with the website. If you forgot your email username then you will be sent a reminder email to the alternative email address that you should have provided when you first set up your account.

Unfortunately, most if not all websites will not allow you to change your username once the account has been created so it is best to pick a username that you like. The only way that you could change your username would be to cancel or deactivate your account and use a different email address to create a new account with a new username.
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On Blurtit, your username is the name you will use and be known by everyone on this site. I think my name will help me stand out will! =)
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Its like a nickname that we use here.
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It is a Blurtit name that you will use forever.
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It is the name a person gets to be recognized by in a social community site. You can it as your id(Rashis786) as well.
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I can't give an accurate answer as there isn't much info, but I can try... Username is like a tag, you make one up or you use your nickname... In my case Endit4dad has its own meaning to me because dad is dead & I consider suicide a lot & get close to succeeding when my mother or someone walks in...so I am prepared to End it for dad when that becomes shorter you get - Endit4dad
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An username is an identity of a person/member.

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