On Bebo My Friend Has Forgotten Her Username But Remembers Her Password. She Didn't Sign Herself Into A School And Has No Friends On Bebo. How Can I Help Her To Get Her Bebo Account Back ?


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Her password is 54520
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Start again and the same password then all of the old things will come back
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Hey there.
Bebo is such a great way to stay connected to your friends and increase your social network.

Your friend does not need to remember her user name to log into Bebo. You can use the email address you registered the account with and the password to log in. This would be the simplest option - if she can remember her email address of course.

The other thing is to get her to search her email account for Bebo. They will have sent her a confirmation of registration email, which her details should be on.

The only other thing she can do is open a new user name with them. If there is already one attached to her email account it will notify her before completion.

If the email address she is using is correct then she should click 'forgot your password' and get the details sent to her account to remind her.

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