How can I get my Facebook account?


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If you a new account google Facebook and click on the Sign Up icon and sign up using your email address or one of your email address and provide a good password. 

Existing accounts can be retrieved less than 24 hours that is has been disabled or stopped. 

If your account has been compromised to the Help and follow the instructions to retreive your account. 

If your account breached the rules of Facebook you can appeal to retreive you account and if your account is on a ban or suspension you will have to ride that out.  If you account retrieve or reactivate the account due to this you will have to sign up again using a different email. 

Facebook sucks cos there is alot of bullying but finally the security is upped so that you can decide who sees what on the account like you can make your account hide your friend list to the public so that they cannot see who is following you or who your friends are.  You can customise your posts; control who is alowed to make friend requests to you and who messages you like you can have it that anyone can send friend requests or turn it on that only friends of frends can friend request you and message you so it is great for that now.

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