How to view private albums of friends on Facebook?


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Since Facebook security has become a lot more tighter, a lot of the hacks about viewing private Facebook albums or photos that you see online fall into two categories:

  1. Out of date and just don't work.
  2. Scams that try to get you to sign up to an app/take a survey in order to get access to a hack that doesn't even exist.

I'll be straight up with you. The days when you could hack someone's Facebook album by making a change to the url or posting a bit of javascript code is over.

Facebook has become a lot smarter about protecting their users' Facebook albums and photos. That doesn't mean there are no hacks left.

The shift is simple though. Rather than focusing on tricking Facebook into letting you see private albums and photos, you have to trick the weak link: The user, into letting you see their photos.

How do I see people's private Facebook albums and photos?

STEP 1: Search their friends list. Go right down to the bottom of the list (these will be the people you have nothing in common with, and who barely interact with your target user.

STEP 2: Select a friend that is low down on the list, and recreate their profile using a fake email address.

  • Save all their photos, and copy all their 'about me' section

STEP 3: Once the profile is complete - do and send a friend request.

About 90% of the time, they will accept you no questions asked and this will give you access to ALL their private Facebook photo albums and photos.

SOMETIMES they will realize that you are already friends, and send a message back saying something like "hey, aren't we already friends of Facebook?"

To get round this I reply with "Hey babes, yeah sorry my old account got suspended, some jackass reported me for some reason - so I'm creating a new profile and only adding people I'm really interested in staying friends with this time".

Once you send over a message like that, you are pretty much guaranteed that your friend request is sent!

I have done this with over 4 profiles, so I can vouch that this does work 100%

I also wrote about it more on here:

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