Can You Disable Your Facebook Account For Some Time Without Losing All Of Your Information/Friends?


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Kinda Steves answered
Yeah there's an option in facebook called deactivate account. After a while when you use it it will be activated again.


Go to the Facebook website, and login in to you account using your email address and password.

Click on "Settings," then click on "Account Settings."

Scroll down until you see "Deactivate Account," then click "Deactivate."

Put a check mark in the box that says, "This is temporary. I'll be back," then click "Deactivate my Account."

Tips & Warnings

When you decide that would like your Facebook account reactivated, simply log back into your account.

When you deactivate your account, your group and events may not be restored, but everything else will be.

All of your friends will be saved, but you will not appear on your friend's page and your friends will not be able to search for you on Facebook until you reactivate your page. It is as if you do not have a Facebook account.
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Simply put, yes

Click de-activate  and tick the temporary box and thats all there is to it.

I de-activated mine while doing my exams. I've done it numerous other times as well. There is no limit ;P

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