How do people get so many friends on Facebook? Am I lame for not having that much?


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allie smith Profile
allie smith answered
No. People just look up random people and add them then add all their friends and so on and so on. But I think its pretty lame. And its dangerous because they could get your information and yeah or the same turn out getting inside the creepy guy from the parks car thats telling you he has some candy...
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
All you ever need is one good one
alicia long Profile
alicia long answered
I have like 50 friends and I'm 18 you are not lame you will find having less is a lot better you have more of a closeness with the friends you have
Kristin Rodriguez Profile
No. I use to think that to. But after awhile, the number grows, and if your a social networker( like me. Always on a computer, meeting new people) then it should go up really fast. Good luck, and I'm sure your not lame xP
Fernando Bonilla Profile
Hilary you are Wright I Rader have quality of friend than quantity. Blabitty  if you want sincere friends just be yourself be honest & tell what are the qualities you want your friends to have don’t be afraid to express yourself
John Profile
John answered
THE ANSWER IS NO ONE CAN HAVE AS MANY FRIENDS AS THEY say they have ,they just friend everyone to have the numbers which in turn makes it seem like they are more shall we say in tune with the world. Numbers do not a friend you are probably more normal than you think,in other words don't worry/think about what everyone else thinks you shoul dbe to fit in,because you will never fit inot everyone elses idea of the ideal person,this is why we are all flawed humans and needed Jesus as our lord and saviour to make us perfect in his  eyes alone again, as you get older/learn this you will realize tthis so  you be who you are and be true to yourself/and God and you will be fine-perfect as only you can be.or as the line from the movie goes -look at this way who is going to remember in a hundred years.
Cherry Gel Mark Buot Profile
You should post in you wall to share you Facebook by your friends so you will have many friends so just keep on confirming OK ?
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Moo C. answered
I don't go on my facebook at all and I really don't care much about it either rather I find you are lame for being on facebook to often

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