Where can i find a online password finder?


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Depending on what the password attempting to be recovered is being used for there are a variety of avenues to look at in relation to revealing lost passwords. A few of the methods will be explored below:

Online Accounts

In general if a password has been forgotten then the website the account is with will be able to either send the password to the designated email, specified when the account was registered or be able to reset the password after some cursory online security checks; this will often consist of answering some predetermined questions that only the account holder should know. Alternatively if the account is a financial institution such as a bank the security could be more stringent, frequently requiring the account holder to contact customer service to undergo security checks.

Hardware & Software Security

Passwords used to protect sensitive information or software documents on a home computer or access to the home computer itself are a little more difficult to crack, although there are a number of services and software packages that offer to recover passwords for a fee there are some free alternatives available:


  • Ophcrack - This has been known to crack 10 character passwords in less than a minute and is compatible with windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • PC Login Now - Similar to the above software in that it will delete rather than recover passwords, however the interface is said to be a lot more user friendly
Microsoft Office Passwords

  • Crack It (to download 'crackit.zip') - Designed for windows 95 and 98 but thought to be equally compatible with all later windows operating systems. Unfortunately this application will not support password recovery for the docx format so isn't compatible with Microsoft Office versions 2007 and 2010.

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