How Do You Put Photos On DVD?


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Well to put or write photos on a DVD, first and foremost you need to have a DVV writer. Start of by creating a folder in your computer and put all the photos that you want to write on the DVD in that folder.

Now go to the start menu and launch "Ahead Nero", which is the DVD writing software. Once the software is launched, in the main menu select the option "make data DVD". Once you choose the "make data DVD" option a dialogue box will open, asking you to browse the drives and choose the folder from where the data has to be written.

Open the folder where you had saved the pictures, via the browse option. Select all the pictures that you want put or write on the DVD and click on the next option. Once you click on the next option it will ask you to choose the speed at which you want the data to be written at. Select the speed that you want to write the DVD at and press next, after clicking on next it will start writing the DVD. Once the writing process is over with a pop-up will appear saying "burning process Successful" click on OK and check the DVD for photos.

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