Had enough of my iPhone...battery drains too fast! Name me a few phones that are smart (pretty smart) and have good battery usage?


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These are just what I've heard from friends, family, and online reviews since I don't have a smartphone of my own. (Yes, I am one of those retro teenagers who are still smarter than their own phone).

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (although it has a really large screen)


Motorola Droid Maxx



Sony Xperia Z

Nokia Lumia 1020

All of these had about 6 hours or more of battery life when using it regularly (surfing the web, downloading, calling, texting, etc.). I'm not sure how long your iPhone battery lasts (depends on amount of usage and phone settings), so I'm not sure how these options will seem to you. You can look up more reviews on these phones if you are interested. They're everywhere if you search on Google and other search engines.

I hope these helped!

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Thanks...I hate all of those phones...I just bought a nokia!! xD Old style...
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Well it seems that your iPhone battery is having issue. It is not a wise decision to go for a completely new phone replacement, when you an option to just change the battery at less cost. I suggest you to change the battery as iPhone is a perfect choice and providing excellent apps for little to complicated works. 
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