How To Unlock A Smart Phone?


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A smart phone is a mini computer with an operating system and software. Unlocking a smart phone can therefore appear to be a challenge - but it’s not really that hard.  

There are several reasons to unlock your smart phone. You may want to change your SIM card and use a different phone number and account; you may wish to use a SIM card from another network provider; or you may want to add applications that your locked smart phone doesn’t recognise.

These reasons explain why the network provider has locked your phone. The company wants to tie you in to its service and its approved applications. Nonetheless, there are ways to get round this.

Your service provider
First of all, try the following. Contact your servicer provider and ask for the unlocking code for your phone. If the service provider gives you the code, remove your SIM card. Then enter the code using your keypad. A message appears on your phone’s screen that confirms your phone is now unlocked. The message usually reads “SIM not restricted/unlocked”.  

Software and Internet codes
If your service provider won’t give you the unlocking code, try another method. Search the Internet using the phrase “smart phone free unlocking”. Better still replace the words “smart phone” with your phone’s manufacturer and model number.

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Next, browse the search results for your free unlocking software or code. Once you’ve found this, download the software or follow the instructions on the web page to obtain your code. Such a page may simply list codes that match certain smart phone models, or it may ask you to complete a simple form.

To complete the form, you will need your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This is often behind your phone’s battery. If you can’t find it, check your smart phone’s user guide for advice on locating it.

If you’ve downloaded software, open it and enter the details it requests. These are your smart phone’s manufacturer, the model, the IMEI number, and your service provider. The software then gives you an unlocking code.

Before you enter the unlocking code, remove the SIM card from your smart phone, replace the battery, and switch the phone on. A message appears on your screen such as “Insert SIM card”. Use your keypad to enter the unlocking code. When you’ve finished, a message confirms the phone is unlocked.

Entering a code will not damage your smart phone. You may wish to play safe, however, and back up any data stored on your phone before unlocking it.

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You may have one final question: Is it legal to unlock your smart phone? In Europe and the United States, the answer is yes. Do bear in mind, however, that you may infringe the contract you’ve signed with your network provider. Most contracts these days are flexible, but you may wish to check yours first.  

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