Why Is Twitter Always Over Capacity?


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It's so annoying; I don't even bother getting on anymore b/c it's impossible to do anything!
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I used my own account to test my designed twitter pages for clients, I test many pages and I have also this complaint about twitter. Really annoying!
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I can't change my profile picture.when I want to change my profile picture,it will says that 'twitter is over capacity'.I can post my tweets,change my name,change password or change anything except profile picture.How many days should I wait for it to work normally?It has been 2 days and I can't stand it anymore.I hope that twitter is more to consider about this case.
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Not always.
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Since many weeks the rumors were roaming around about the over capacity of Twitter. Various large online websites were bidding for it but has actually showed the reason of over capacity of Twitter. Basically, the traffic on Twitter has immensely increased in the year 2009. According to the list of Alexa Top 500 global sites, Twitter is ranked 56. Therefore, because of sudden growth of traffic on Twitter the twitter screen sometimes give the message of over capacity. But I am amazed that Twitter is still able to manage the sudden growth of traffic very efficiently.

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