Who likes twitter is it over rated?,


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Ray Dart answered
I've got a twitter account and never use it. I think it can be useful for BBC News feeds and things like that, but  following the random (and often pretty banal) musings of some celebrity's twitter account is pretty soul-destroying. (Take a look at Paris Hilton's vacuous ramblings to see an example.)
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John Swindells answered
I use Twitter regularly, as a professional social network and user-generated news source.  There are a lot of highly knowledgable and informed people with timely and useful tweets, so for my own purposes I don't think it's over-rated.

To anybody complaining about the banality or offensiveness of certain tweeps, just be more selective about who you follow!
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Hilary Newton
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Good advise john,
Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
Fair point - although I think that probably most people use it in a different way - I think Stephen Fry has the most followers in the UK - more than David Cameron. (Not that I am suggesting that either of those are particularly banal.)
John Swindells
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That's true... And I guess that a lot (not all) of the 'mass-followed' accounts are pure celebrity and have nothing interesting to say. I just keep out of it!
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M. S. answered
As with other websites, Twitter can be a useful tool
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Maxine Chan answered
Yeah I think it is:)
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I Have A Facebook Acoount But I Hardly Ever Use It. I Don't Need Twitter . Charlie Sheen Is A Messed Up Spaced Out Drug Addict.Anybody Who Reads His Writings Just Feeds  His  Messed Up Mind

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