How Can I Know The Memory/ Capacity Of My System?


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suman kumar answered
Select my computer & Right click (mouse) you will get the properties, which shows computer name, memory of the system, operating system installed.
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I'm guessing you're on a Windows XP or Windows Vista system.

If you are running as Administrator, the following should work.

To view the current memory used, you'll need to open up the Task Manager. Open up the Run box (Windows Key + R) and type in "taskmgr", then hit the Ok button. A Windows Task Manager window will open. Click on the "Performance" tab, and you should see a box on the bottom half of the window that says "Physical Memory (K)". Total is your total memory, Available is how much memory is currently free. You don't need to worry about system cache, the Totals box, the Commit Charge (K) box, or the Kernel Memory (K) box.

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