What Happens If You Block Someone On Msn, And How Will They Know?


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They don't see anything you just appear offline to them, they wont even know they are blocked.  Hope this helps.
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Thank you very much! (Someone I though was a friend blocked me, I found out & it hurt, but I've blocked them now too.)
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I sent a friend request it was never answered back,so I sent the person a message back telling them never mind,I then deleted the pending friend request from my friend list,ok so now I noticed that the same person was back on my list again so I clicked on that person and it came up there profile and it said BLOCK/REPORT now I do not understand what is going on and that is because I deleted them from my list like a month ago,I mean that is fine if they do not want to be friends but how and why did they show back up on my list,I really do not understand this?

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