What are 10 things to do to someone if they block you on Snapchat?


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Angela Anthony answered

Why would you want to do something to them? Who cares if they block you?...js

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If you have school together just slap them

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Don't speak to them

Or just avoid them

Don't think about them

Even if they do just pretend that it never happened

Also pray to god that they will unblock you or something

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I don't know about 10, but here are 5 things you could do to punish someone who has blocked you on Snapchat:

1. Put their number on a listings website as part of an advert giving away free kittens. Their phone will never stop ringing.

2. Create a parody Facebook or Twitter account in their name, then take lots of photos of the fold of your elbow/knee and tag them in it...

3. Order a lot of pizza to their house.

4. Hack their Netflix account and ruin their viewing history...

5. Report their other social media profiles so they get blocked from using any social network...

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