How do you know if someone has blocked you on Viber?


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Bianca da Silva answered

There is no way to see if someone has blocked you on Viber unfortunately.

Viber is a great way to connect with friends and family, but it also has a very strict privacy policy, which is probably why they make it so difficult to see who has blocked you!

What do other social media apps do when you are blocked?

Apps like Whatsapp make it clear when someone has blocked you because you can no longer see their profile pics or updates, but Viber is different...

How is being blocked on Viber different? 

When someone blocks you on viber, you can still see their profile pic. 

In fact, these pictures are updated when the individual changes it, so you can’t tell if you are blocked by looking at this.

Many apps won't let you see updated profile pictures in this way, so that can be confusing! 

On Whatsapp, a double check mark appears when a message has been delivered. That can be used as another indication that you haven’t been blocked by someone, but Viber doesn’t have this feature.

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