How Can I Get Free Games For Motorola Blur Or Click Like The I Phone?


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Unfortunately, the Motorola Blur is by no means as advanced as the iPhone. Indeed, when you think about it, the millions of apps on Apple’s App Store are really no match for the limited capabilities of this old-school handset. The most you can do is get one or two games for the Motorola Blur that may be paid for from the mobile’s Internet platform, but there isn’t the widespread availability of free trial games that are as accessible as on the iPhone. At a push, you may be able to find some ringtones to download for free - but if it is anything like other phones released during this nouveau era of mobiles, it’s probable that acquiring these tracks will actually cost more than the songs themselves.

You could always settle for the games that come on the Motorola Blur as standard. This will offer plenty of amusement when you’re on the bus or waiting for the train. There’s always the prospect of getting a new phone - there are deals on the iPhone for just £35 a month, with a little bit of an up-front fee for the handset with most network providers. As you can imagine, this provides some considerable opportunities to save money that would have been spent on buying games. Your enjoyment with the iPhone can also extend to saving money with Skype calls, and even making video calls using FaceTime. If you want to watch the latest installment in your favorite program, this can also be downloaded from the iTunes Store.
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Go to market application in the desktop your cell.

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