Where Can I Play 'Singles 2: Triple Trouble' For Free? Are There Websites From Which I Can Get The Game?


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If you want to play Singles 2: Triple Trouble without parting with any cash, the following websites might be of use to you:

Where can I play Singles 2 for free?
If you want to play a free version of this flirty take on The Sims, my recommendation would be to try out a demo of the game.

You'll be able to find a demo of Singles 2 on terragame.com, and I think this is a much better way of enjoying some game-time. It also gives you the opportunity to decide whether the full game is worth forking out for.

If you're intent on looking for a pirated version, I'd recommend using a bit torrent service like bittorrent.com or isohunt.com.

Why you shouldn't download a pirated version of Singles 2
Whilst I'm sure you're not here for a lecture on the dangers of piracy, I would really recommend you take a second to consider these two points regarding pirated games:

  • They risk exposing your computer to malicious virus software
  • Hard-working people make their living developing and designing games, I'd put downloading a game in the same league as stealing a CD from a record store.

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