Is There Any Website Where I Can Get The Free Philips Universal Remote Codes?


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T. Briggs answered
I need the code book for a DO1_PM725s. This is a Phillips Magnavox universal remote. The #'s found inside are as fallows...CL007
and the other...25/02
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For a panasonic tv code
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Nouman Umar answered
There are many websites on the internet which are providing you the free Philips remote codes. All you need is just go to the internet and search for the model you are looking so when you search the model of the Philips you can easily find the code of your required model. There are many websites on the internet which are providing the Philips remote code on the internet free of cost. So just log on internet and go to any search engine where you need to put your query to the Google. The Google crawler will bring up lot of results for you so that you can select one of them and can easily find the required model of the Philips remote code. So there are also some websites which are providing the users with the facilities of the remote code.

There are many portals and blogs websites which are used by the users in order to post different queries so you can also post your query there so there are many visitors which can help you in getting the remote code for your Philips device.

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