Where Can I Play Life The Board Game Online For Free?


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Although there are no more licensed versions available, you can still play The Board Game (of) Life online free at :
For any other, you will be asked to download a trial version or move away from the board game and play the upgraded PC version of it.
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I personally love offline board games:

Dominion - So much depth and replay value that I haven't touched anything else in months. You can play online a Goko, if anyone wants to challenge me to a game just let me know!
Eclipse - We used to play this a bunch during lunch at work until the guy that owned it got a new job.
Wits and Wagers - Great party game for people that aren't going to be into the super strategic options.
Also I wanna get this expansion of Elditch Horror

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Go to board games here and and that will take you to any board game for your pc

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