How Can I Hack Into My Husbands Voicemail If I Dont Have The Pin Number For Free?


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What you are trying to do is a violation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The only way it can be provided is to law enforcement agencies, a prosecutors' office or a convened Grand Jury via prescribed written request. Previously mentioned elements would have to contact the service providers legal compliance department for this to take place.

Sorry this might not be the answer you wanted, but it's better than going to jail for 2 years minimum & a $10,000 fine, right?
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This is legal so tell the person from last answer to get the he** on! If you r the main person on a shared account you can call the provider n tell them to switch his number to your phone n change all the codes that way also just do it for a day his will be on but give him a new number for the day n make his number yours so you will get all info for the day when a day is over call in change it back his freinds wont know anything just don't answer calls  n he will think no one called him that day lol n its LEGAL CAUSE you R PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER ! IF your NOT HONEY I can't HELP BUT HOPE THIS DOES HELP you!!!! OR JUST CHANGE THE CODE FOR THE DAY LOL IF you R THE PRIMARY you CAN DO ANYTHING TO ANY PHONE ON your ACCOUNT.

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