How To Put Your Own Music On Mocospace?


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It's easy to add an amazing tune to your Mocospace user profile; to begin, all you need to do is visit the Featured Artists section of the site, and then look for just the right song. Once you've picked out some music you love, simply hit the Add To Profile button to save it onto your personal page; however, you can only feature one song on your profile, so you'll need to switch now and then if you prefer a little variety.

If you're new to Mocospace, or simply curious about how this social networking application really works, you'll want to know that the website is specifically made for people to enjoy while using their cell phones or smart phones. Similar to Facebook and MySpace, Mocospace offers lots of ways to interact with old and new friends; for example, the platform provides free mobile chat and IM (instant messenger) services, as well as fun ways to customize your user profile. When using Mocospace, you can add the following "tweaks" to your personal page:

• Photographs
• Video clips
• Music

Staying in touch is a breeze with Mocospace, and enjoying a favorite song while you check your profile and communicate with friends can be really enjoyable. If you're wondering which Featured Artists you have to choose from, rest assured there are tons of exciting options. In fact, even up-and-coming and aspiring musicians from all genres of music can apply to become featured artists on the website. Finding a song you like will largely depend on your own musical preferences; whether you love rock, pop, or country music, you're sure to find something that is right for you at Mocospace. If you're already using the site, consider asking your friends which songs they love, or check their profile pages to see what they are spotlighting. Once you've made your pick, you can enjoy it every time you sign on to the service.
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Moco your can set it up that way or from certain mobile phones

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