How to put a betty boop picture on your facebook profile picture?


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Courtney Nealy Profile
Courtney Nealy answered
Go to google and look up her picture... Then save in your pictures... Go to facebook browse and go to my pictures and betty boop should be there click on it and you are good to go :)
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Nikki answered
First get a picture off of the internet and save it on your pictures album in your folder one on face book click you photo's and it says new photo album upload the photo that you got from the internet and it shall load on to their and if you want it for your profile pic once it has uploaded underneath it will say make my pro pic click that stretch the lines to what you want click done and your good to go :) hope this has helped
Taelor Hope Profile
Taelor Hope answered
All You Have To Do Is Save A Pic From Google Or Something And then GO On Yur Profile page Drag Your Mouse Over Your Picture On Your Profile Thats There Already And It Says Change Picture And Then Click Brouse And There You Go.
Rhiannon-Seonaid Marshall Profile
Save the picture in your documents and then on facebook click upload picture then browse and you should be able to find the picture in the file you saved the picture in
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Anonymous answered
Save the picture onto your computer, upload it to your facebook, go to 'my pictures' find the picture you just uploaded, click on it, then look below it for a link that says 'make profile picture' then a cropping rectangle will appear on your picture, and you can re-size it as you wish. Click save when finished.
eichnob reyemaen Profile
Try download her picture from this URL
then right click the image you want to use then choose "Open Link In New Tab then go to the new tab you opened and right click it again and choose "save image as" then choose where you want to place your downloaded picture...

After downloading the picture, go to your facebook account and click on your existing profile picture and choose change image/picture then brouse and upload it. And your done.

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