How Can A PowerPoint Picture Use As Desktop Backgrounds?


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Method 1:    To select the image as desk top right click the image file and select "Set as Desktop Background". If the option is not present or you can not see the option  then open the image and take a screen shot by using "Print Screen" button on the keyboard near insert and delete button. After that open the paint program go to menu and select Edit and then click paste. After that save the file and repeat the process i.e. Right click the image file and chose "Set as Desktop Background' as mentioned above.      Method 2:    • Select a file and open it in PowerPoint and save it as Web Page.  • Within the Save As box confirm that the Web Page has an extension of *.htm or *.html  • Select a location where to save the file and give this file a name  • Select Save.    PowerPoint makes a HTML folder by giving it the same name that is mentioned for HTML file. For Example, if the HTML file is saved with the name ABC then the PowerPoint will save it like ABC.html and it also creates a folder with name ABC_Files.    Open the folder (ABC_Files). There group of files are present and among them there will be original sounds and image files from the presentation.

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