How Do I Create A Quick Flyer Using Powerpoint?


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Louise Gorman answered
Click on 'Start', then click on 'New Office Document'. Click on 'Presentations'. Then click on 'Flyer (standard)'. Microsoft Powerpoint will open, and a flyer template will appear. All you need to do is replace the text in the template with your own information. You can change the look of your template flyer by clicking on 'Apply Design' in the small box next to the template. When you have found a design which you like the look of click on 'Apply' and it will be applied to your flyer.

If you wish to alter the look of the text in your flyer then click on 'View', then click on 'Master', then click on 'Title Master'. Now you can change the style of your text. You can also change other items by selecting other options in the 'Master' section.

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