How Computers Made Impact In The Medical Field?


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Since the introduction of the first electronic computer in the mid 20th century, computers and other computer-related technology has had a great impact upon the field of medicine. In fact, some people may go as far to say that the computer has revolutionised the medical field and has helped to save many lives.

There are many ways that computers have helped out medical professionals. Firstly and probably the most important is the introduction of the use of MRI machines and CAT scanners. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine is used in radiology to construct detailed internal structures. MRI machines provide a good contrast between the different soft tissues within the body which makes it very useful for looking at the brain, heart, muscles and cancers. This is compared to other scans such as CT or x-rays.

Technology has also been used during surgery as it can be used to show an image further into the body than a Doctor can go on their own. This way, specific and complex surgical procedures can be done a lot easier and with fewer complications. Computers have also been very useful in helping to monitor patients’ conditions. If a patient’s heart rate or blood pressure suddenly increases then the medical staff will be notified of it immediately so that they can respond to it. They have also proven to be fantastically useful when it comes to analyzing symptoms and eventually diagnosing patients.

Computers have also helped to make life in the hospital more convenient for staff such as doctors and nurses as it is a lot easier to have all medical records on files in computers and backed up rather than on paper where things can be easily lost.
Computers have also been very useful in helping future medicine. Without them, we probably would not be able to do the research and testing of new revolutionary drugs that could save many lives. All of these advantages listed above are just a handful, they haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the many benefits that computers and technology have had on the medical field.
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CAT and MRI scans.
Surgery, pinpointing tumors
Great aid for diagnosing medical conditions. Analyzing symptoms.
Monitoring patients conditions.
Finding transplant donors and recipients.
Last time at doctor, they took temp by rubbing a therm across forehead
Developing medicines
I haven't even scratched the surface of computer impact.
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Computer has revolutionized the field of medical through MRI ,CAT etc.
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It's a lot easier to file medical records in computer than in paper and pencil
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Computers have a significant role to play in the medicine fields.. It's used in assisting the doctors during major operations. As a front office inventory management , for payroll of hospital staff.. For billing and accounting etc
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They have made a great impact on the medical filed. Drs and nursrs are able to use them instead of pencil and paper. It also helps with reading the charts that paitents have and reading a test that a paitent has had.
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Computer is a main instrument in any field, in medical it's too much important. We can't run medical field without computers.

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Well, of course, they have. Technology and computers have
revolutionised mostly all spheres of our life. Thanks to new systems,
researchers can conduct experiments and develop medications. We have better
access to healthcare and some machines are indispensable nowadays. For
instance, you can detect some diseases at an earlier stage and surgeries can be
completed much more smoothly.

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