What Types Of Printers Would You Recommend For Supermarkets?


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Kweku Quansah answered
Thermal Receipt Printers
These printers are becoming common in supermarkets because of their high reliability and user-friendliness, they don’t use ink but rather heats holes in the printer head and creates text and graphics on the engaged paper. These would make it far cheaper to print receipts for customers.
Impact Printers
This type of printer requires a ribbon which has the ink used for printing. They benefit businesses because of their resistance to high heat; management can use these printers if they require to print huge amounts of information; such as all information about the dairy products sold at the supermarket.
Ink jet Receipt Printers
These type of printers are similar to impact printers in the sense that they too use ink, but they offer a much more higher quality than thermal receipt printers and also impact printers. Their benefit would be to print high quality receipts for customers with goods that are often returned because of not working.
Dot Matrix Printers
These are extremely cheap to maintain and as the ink runs out the print out gradually fades away, meaning work can still carry on until the ink is totally empty.

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