Can anyone give me a 1 minute speech on the topic: Importance of computers in our lives?


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Start the introduction by giving a little bit of background information. You can write about how computers have made our lives easier. (Communication, Medicine, Education). Next you can even say that computers are so important that some people make a living out of manufacturing/designing computers. You can also talk about how the power of computers and how they are able to perform complex task. Last thing you can say computers provide us with entertainment (Games, Movies). You could also add 1 or 2 some disadvantages of computers so that your speech will not sound bias.
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I would just make a list of all the things that computers do in our lives. For example, they are the way we communicate, the way companies are run, the way are military and police forces are organized and maintained... Without computers the world would be total chaos man!

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In the present world,
it’s about not possible to imagine that an important person can live without
computers. Computers have turn into an electronic tool of approximately each
day use for individuals of every age. They are necessary in almost all the
business contacts that are made these days. The most that any industry has
gained from the detection of the computers is the business manufacturing
because of its character. Computers have gained significance as they have better
the efficiency and productivity of job done. Big amounts of in order in
industrial and business sectors as well as in the private lives are stored on

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