What Are The Four Main Components Of The Computer System?


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The four main components of computer system are input devices, output devices, Memory and Central Processing Unit (CPU). Input devices are used to provide input and instructions to be processed to the computer. These devices are also called peripheral devices and include mouse, keyboard, microphone, scanner etc. Output devices include monitor and printers which are used for displaying the results of the instructions processed by the computer. CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the main component of the computer which is responsible for data processing. CPU itself has many subcomponents such as mother board, registers, buses etc to perform the processing operations. CPU uses memory (another important component of computer) to store the instructions either permanently or temporarily. Memory then has further types such as RAM, ROM and secondary storage devices. All these components work together to perform the various commands given by the user.
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There are 4 primary components in computer
1) Input
2) Output     
3) Processing     
4) Secondary Storage
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Input Devices
Output Devices
Main Memory
Secondary Memory
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The four components of computer system are as follows
1. Central Processing Unit
2. Systems Mother Board
3. Power Supply Unit
4. Systems Case
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There are four basic components of computer which include Case, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. Case consists of all computer hardware including Power Supply, Motherboard, Hard disk drive, CD-ROM drive, Floppy drive,  DVD devices, Tape backup devices, and some others. Motherboard further consists of three important components including Microprocessor, Memory and Drive controllers. For getting further details click on the link:

Components of computer
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Actually the four component of a Computer System are:
1.  Hardware
2.  Operating System
3.  Application Programs
4.  Users

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