What Are 3 Components Of Computer System?


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There are many components that go into making up a computer; the physical parts are the ones that can seen and touched are called hardware, while the instructions, data and programs that instruct the hardware are called software. It does not matter whether the computer is a PC or a smaller laptop; they are all made up from a variety of similar components.

Three of those components are:

• The system unit

This is the core of the computer and in the case of a PC, it will normally be a rectangular box that houses the electronic constituents that process information. The most important of these is the CPU (central processing unit) or microprocessor, both of which act as the brains of the computer.

The system unit also contains the RAM (random access memory), which stores information on a temporary basis while the computer is switched on.

All other parts of the computer are connected to the system unit in one way or another.

• Storage

All computers have disk drives, which are the components that store information, and which are responsible for keeping this safe when the computer is switched off.

The hard disk drive is a stack of platters with a magnetic surface and is capable of storing huge amounts of data. CD and DVD drives use lasers to retrieve data and the CDs and DVDs can be used in any computer.

• Keyboard

This may seem like an obvious computer component but it is not possible to use a computer without one. Not only does it have a QWERTY keyboard for typing, it also has many function and navigation keys.
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1.hardware - physical components - machine coded instructions
3.people ware - personnel who manage, encodes the program or the users.
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1. Processor(s) to manipulate data
2. Storage system (hard drive, flash drive, floppy, DVD, whatever) to hold the data when it's not in use
3. Input device(s) - Keyboard, mouse, etc.
4. Output device - Monitor, speakers
5. RAM - This is basically where the data is held while it is being worked with.
6. Other less critical components used these days are graphics cards and sound cards and even physics processors. These can be done without by letting the main processor (CPU) do everything but these can parcel out portions of the work to save the main CPU for other things.
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Define hardware and his example

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