What Are The Digital Computer Components?


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A digital computer system consists of an interconnected system of processor memory and input/output devices. The processor is also called central processing unit. It is the heart of any computer system, which actually does the whole job of program execution. The central processing unit used in micro computers is also called microprocessor. Main memory and central processing unit are mounted on a single board called the mother board but hey are separate entities. For the program executing the source program that is the program written by the user and the data required for it must be stored in the computer memory. Only then central processing unit runs the program.

The second part of the computer component is main memory which is referred to as primary memory, primary storage or common storage. It holds the source code or program. A program is defined as an ordered set of instructions which can be used to solve a problem. It holds data which may be input data. The memory unit consists of many thousand storage locations or cells. Each cell is a tiny device which may assume the state of binary digits as zero or one. This state of the cell represents a single bit. The word bit is derived from binary digits.

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