What Are The Four Main Structural Components Of Computer And The CPU?


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Most of the people confuse these two different types of components.
The four main components of the computer are:
A: CPU (Central processing unit):
It is the main part of the computer; it performs all the operations of the computer. It is the heart of the computer. It is usually named by the processor.
B: Main memory.
This part of the computer is used for the storage of data.
C: I/O devices.
These devices are used for sending and receiving the data from computer to another device. These are referred as the channel between the computer system and the external world. And also the other peripheral communication lines.
D: System Interconnection.
Lines that connect several components to enable them to perform heir specific operations or some mechanism that is used for the communication between CPU, main memory and the I/O devices.
While the four components of the CPU are:
A: Control Unit: this is the main part of the CPU; it is the part in the CPU which do all the processing.
B: ALU: it is the acronym of Arithmetic Logic Unit, this part of the CPU performs all the necessary arithmetic functions.
C: Registers: this is a small unit in the CPU for the storage of small amount of data.
D: CPU interconnection: there is mechanism which is used for the communication between registers, ALU and Control Unit.
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4 mian sections of a computer
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