What Are The Basic CPU Components?


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There are four main components to the CPU; the Arithmetic Logic Unit, the Control Unit, the Registers and the Data Bus.

  • What is a CPU?
A CPU is a Central Processing Unit. It carries out instructions made by the user who inputs the command. For example, pressing the 'power on' button is a command. Loading the operating system is a command. Opening your email account is a command.

  • What is an Arithmetic Logic Unit?
The ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) is the technology that performs the logical computing functions and processes. It is the dictator of the CPU and receives the input requests and commands and then delegates them to the Control Unit, which in turn carries them out.

  • What is a Control Unit?
A Control Unit is a coordination device. It organizes the input and output devices that connect to the computer and uses them to initiate commands and then it carries them out.

  • What is a Register?
A Register is a data storage device. It's a simple binary list of the data that is tasked to be executed and it queues this up. Sometimes the Register can be over-populated, causing the CPU to slow down its operating speed as it struggles to execute several commands at once. A common example of this is when a computer freezes during execution. People tend to try and click elsewhere and initiate the Task Manager to end tasks, but this adds additional commands to the register which further clogs the system.

  • What is a Data Bus?
A Data Bus is rather like a real bus in that it carries things. In this case it shifts data and information from component to component. It communicates between the CPU and the rest of the system - primarily the memory (RAM - Random Access Memory) that is on the motherboard.

The register is a small bit of memory capacity that is on the Central Processing Unit. It is small and a quick access memory for the system and not to be confused with the RAM or other internal memory for storage.
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CPU consists of -
arithmetic and logic unit = ALU (addition, multiplication, comparison etc.)
registers (extremely fast special memory for commands and operands)
control unit (gets commands, moves data to/from ALU and memory)
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Control unit
arithmetic and logic unit
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If your cpu have problems you basically have no functions. Cpu is the main brain of your
computer as a processor meaning every app software simple program go directly to your cpu.
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ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit): Does the actual logical comparisons that need to be processed.

Control Unit: Can execute or store the results coming out of the ALU.

Registers: Stores the data that is to be executed next.
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