Who Are The Leading CPU Manufacturers?


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There are a number of leading CPU manufacturers located all over the world (a full list can be found at but the top three competing manufacturers are often considered to be Intel, AMD and VIA.

Intel is the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer based on revenue. As well as being the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors it also manufactures network interface controllers, motherboard chipsets, flash memory, integrated circuits, graphic chips, embedded processors and a range of other devices that are related to computing and communications. Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore were the pioneers of Intel and were widely associated with Andrew Grove. Intel aims to combine advanced chip design capability with cutting-edge manufacturing capability. While the company was renowned with engineers it wasn't until their advertising campaigns in the 90s that Intel became a household name.

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices Inc. This is an American multinational semiconductor company that is based in California. In terms of revenue, AMD is ranked the 12th largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world. The company is the second largest global supplier of microprocessors that are based on the x86 architecture and is one of the largest suppliers of graphics processing units. AMD develops computer processors and other technologies for the consumer and commercial markets. The main products that the company manufactures include motherboard chipsets, embedded systems applications, microprocessors and embedded processors and graphics processors that are used for servers, workstations and personal computers. 

VIA technologies is a manufacturer based in Taiwan and is part of the Formosa Plastics Group.  The main products that it manufactures are motherboard chipsets, CPUs, integrated circuits and memory. On a global scale it is the world's biggest independent manufacturer of motherboard chipsets. VIA prides itself in being a fables semiconductor company. This means that the company conducts research and development of its chipsets within its own four walls and the actual silicon manufacturing is subcontracted to third-party merchant foundries.
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Many people think that leading companies such as AMD and Intel are the ones who design and manufacture processors, but this is not always the case. The platform and ready-made solutions for processors are invented by specialized embedded system design company to simplify the task for engineers from large companies. If you need to design embedded systems and more, it is better to look for specialized companies.

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I can't say this to be a fact but this is what I have learned to be (not in order of importance) :

-AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)
-Intel Corp. (Intel Corporation)
-SIS (Silicon Integrated Systems)
-VIA (VIA Technologies Inc.)
-and perhaps CRAY Inc. for the supercomputer industry
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Intel is the biggest cpu maker
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the biggest and largest cpu manufacturers are Intel. They produce most of the gateway and dell pc cpus. They are a very well known manufacturer and they have very good quality.

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