What Are The Major Components Of Electronic Data Processing?


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The term electronic data processing refers to a computer's ability to transfer the data it receives in to legible information that can be deciphered by human intelligence. There are four key components to this process. These are as followed:

  • Input

This is the process that involves the computer receiving data and making sense of it. It is the stage at which random information is transferred, transmitted and translated until it becomes a format that is easily digested by the computer system.

  • Processing

Once the data is collected and recorded, the next step is processing. This involves a technological manipulation of the data in order to sort, structure and systemise the information

  • Output

This is the stage at which the computer prepares the information for human understanding. All the data it has received has been processed and becomes intelligible to humans.

  • Storage

This is where all of the above data is stored.

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Elements of Electronic Data ProcessingIn the Electronic data processing, there are 3 types of components are there.

1. Hardware

2. Software

3. Procedure

4. Personnel

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