What's The Difference Between Management Information Systems And Decision Support System?


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Structured decision-making
Monitoring & Controlling Operations
Routine decision-making
Present- and Past-tense
Periodic and Exception reports
Measuring progress towards goals
Limited solution set
Rigid design
Traditional SDLC - design "freezing"

Semi- to Un-structured decision-making
Tactical decision-making (resource allocation)
Ad hoc, or problem resolution decision-making
Future tense (based on historical models)
Ad hoc reports
Determining tactics to meet goals
"Unlimited" solution set
Flexible design
Iterative design approaches -

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The difference between DSS and MIS :
- MIS focus on operational efficiency ( help organization "do things right" )
- DSS focus on making effective decision ( help organization "do the right thing" )
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A management information system (MIS) is a process that provides the information necessary to manage an organization effectively. While Decision support system (DSS) is a computer program application that analyze business data and present it so that users can make business decisions more easily.
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  Input:  Large volume of data
  process: Simple model
  output: Summary Reports
  Input:low volume of data
  output:decision analysis
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MIS is an integrated system that collects maintain displace information system in proper manner at proper time.
DSS is a decision support system which collects plans for future.
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The terms MIS and DSS stand for Management Information Systems and Decision Support Systems respectively. There has been a lot of talk regarding these two, whether they are actually the same thing or if there are any significant differences between the two.

MIS is basically a kind of link to facilitate communcation between managers across different areas in a business organization. MIS plays a pivotal role in enabling communications across the floor of an organization, between various entities therein.

DSS, many consider, is an advancement from the original MIS. However,this is not the sole difference between the two. While there may not be too much separating the two, the difference is still there,as is apparent when we say DSS is an advancement over MIS.

The essential difference between the two is in focus. DSS, as the term indicates, is about leadership and senior management in an organization providing good, reliable judgment as well as vision. MIS, on the other hand, is about focusing on the actual flow of information itself.
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Decision support system is a class of computer-based information systems which includes knowledge based systems that support decision making activities. And a Management Information Systems is the discipline covering the application of people, technologies, and procedures to solve business problems.
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This is to be noted that, Efficiency and Effectiveness of any organization's Managerial capacity or Management depends on its ability to take accurate and on time decisions. We can say that a Management Information System (MIS) holds a set of informations which supports the Decision-making activity of a business. On the other hand a Decision Support System (DSS) is a Technologically Efficient Software System to support organizational decision making activity and helps decision-makers in organizing information from a variety of sources and then assimilating this information to Identify problems and find solutions thereof.
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MIS : MIS provides information about the performance of an organization
Think of entire company (the firm) as a system.
An MIS provides management with feedback.
DSS : Special reports that may only be generated once .
May not know what kind of report to generate until the problem surfaces; specialized reports.
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Mis is considered as an primary level for decision where as dss is the main part of the decision,
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What is the difference between management information system and business information system
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Comparison between Management Information System (MIS) and Decision Support System (DSS) are given below:

MIS is a system that gathers comprehensive data, organizes and summarizes the same in a form that adds value to managerial decision making. It is a computer-based information system for more effective planning, decision making and control. A typical MIS has four major components, i.e., data gathering, data entry, and data transformation and information utilization.

Most of the organizations keep centralized data base, which can be used for a wide variety of application. DSS is an interactive computer system, which is easily accessible to and operated by people, who are not computer friendly. DSS helps them to plan and make decisions. A typical DSS consists of the following elements:

i. An MIS to support several ways for accessing and summarizing data

ii. It is a sophisticated database that allows information to access in various ways

iii. It is a user-friendly interface which gives the user to use simple commands (rather than complicated computer terms) while communicating with the DSS

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I'd say that the focus of management information systems is operational efficiency, while decision support system focuses on making effective decisions. When it comes to a business, everything is important, and I can tell you that before I decided to work with a hrm software development company, it used to be a huge problem for me.

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DSS: Unstructured, result show on screen, Report is flexibility, Manager get report immediately.
MIS: Have structure, report is a document, Report is not flexibility, Manager get report long time.
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_ A DSS provides a set of integrated computer tools which allow a decision maker to interact directly
with computers in order to retrieve information useful for semi structured and un-structured decisions.

_ A DSS is an extension of an MIS.
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MIS stands for Management Information systems. It is a subject that deals with the application of people, technology and procedures to solve business problems. On the other hand DSS stands for Decision Support system which is a computer based IT system that supports only the decision making activities. Thus it can be said that DSS is a part of MIS.
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MIS and DSS are two abbreviations that are often heard in the field of Business Management. They differ in a few aspects. It is important to know that MIS stands for Management Information Systems whereas DSS stands for Decision Support Systems.

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