5 key components of an information system?


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The five key components of an information system are hardware, software, data, procedures and people. Without all five of these components in place, it will be difficult to enjoy all the benefits of a modern-day information system designed to classify, store, and disseminate information through a computer or computers. Here is some information about the five key components of an information system:

• The type of hardware needed for an information system may include a typical computer "tower", filled with motherboards, video cards, RAM memory, and sound cards, etc. In some cases, more than one computer tower will be needed to service an information system that is very large. This computer tower should be augmented by computer accessories, including monitors, mouse pads, keyboards, speakers, wires and cables, and broadband Internet service (if the system will be online).
• Software used in an information system may include writing and editing applications, such as Word or OpenOffice. Other software, such as accounting programs like Excel, may also be used to sort and classify numerical information before saving it into an information system. Basically, the type of software required depends on the task to be performed.
• Data is the information itself; without data, there is nothing to sort, file, and classify. Data can be alphabetical or numerical; mostly, data is stored in a format that is easily readable by software and other computer components. Data may be saved externally on USB sticks, outside hard drives, disks, and CD-ROM's.
• Procedures cover the specific rules of an information system. Without the right boundaries, rules, and regulations, a system will not conform to its expected purpose, and it will not exceed expectations. Someone has to decide exactly how the system will be used, and they need to train others to use it properly.
• People must monitor the system, input data if needed, and make adjustments.

These are the five standard components of a basic computer information system; to learn more, consider studying textbooks and online tutorials about information systems.

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