What Are The Advantages Of Telephone Communication?


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There have been many advantages to telephone communication established in the past few decades. Firstly, it allows for real-time audio conversation between two or more people, irrespective of where they are in the world. The expansion of the phone network has also meant that the cost of calling foreign landlines has reduced dramatically in recent years.

Another advantage of telephone communications has been seen in the mobile phone, which has been transformed significantly over the past 20 years. Now, flagship models such as the iPhone allow users to converse with one another using software like FaceTime, which allows for video streaming to be possible during telephone communication.

Skype has also added many benefits to using the telephone as a communication platform. This voice-over-IP software allows someone at a computer terminal to call mobiles and landlines internationally, at a fraction of normal prices. In order to benefit from this service, users have to top up regularly so they have credit to make calls. Whereas UK calls to a landline can be up to 20p a minute for pay-and-go plans on Vodafone, international calls to a mobile can be as little as 1p a minute on Skype, with calling plans driving down the cost further.

The final advantage comes for businesses and customer service. When a person finds that they are dissatisfied with a certain product that they are using, it’s possible for them to ring an automated service which can solve their problems for them. What do you think the next big development in telephone communication will be, multiplying the advantages even further?
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Is good to call your boy friend all the time when you  miss him.
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It is able to break the barriers of long distance communication. With the telephone system, you can enjoy features such as faxing (online faxing), get connected to the internet and many others that cuts down cost in long distance communication and data transmission.

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