What Were The Benefits Of The Telephone?


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There have been countless benefits to the telephone. Due to the popularisation of international travel, there are now many people who live around the world and away from their families. The telephone allows for these relatives to contact each other in real time and have audio conversations without the inconvenience of letters which can take days to arrive by post.

Another advantage relates to journalism, and the advances that have been made with newspapers because of it. As historians who have analysed daily papers from The Times, The Telegraph and The Observer in the 19th century, the extent of up-to-date international stories in the morning editions was limited because of communication barriers. This began to change as the telephone became more widespread, as journalists could give first-hand accounts of their experiences which could be transcribed verbatim and used as articles. Increasing the freedom of the printing presses, this is why the telephone is far more of a significant invention than many people would dare to imagine.

The telephone is also of a great advantage because it allows us to receive better customer service, and for businesses to thrive. How else would a company be able to communicate with clients, generate profits and taxable revenue? It is this governmental income that funds our welfare state and the NHS, so it’s really important not to underestimate the telephone as just a tool that’s really useful for calling your Mum when she’s in Spain. It’s so much more than that!
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Communication by telephone is very quick and instant . Message reaches very fast. It adds a personal touch to the message. Time is saved. It is cost effective. People could easy convey their feelings . Even the blind can hear an audio message. The old and disabled who cannot travel too can communicate easily. It has helped save many lives during times of emergency and sickness when hospitalization is immediately required. Many accidents and disasters have been prevented.Distance is easily overcome.
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There are countless advantages but some of them are:

1. Helps to build a healthy relationship 
2. Saves time, money and energy 
3. Immediate medium to contact one another and pass urgent messages 
4. Help to file complaints against anyone without identity and save some one ASAP 
5. Gives life for thousands of telemarkers

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