What Are The Disadvantages Of Using MSN Messenger?


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Louise Gorman answered
MSN Messenger is generally very good to use and useful for getting in touch with friends. I think the main disadvantage is that when you display your email on social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace etc, you sometimes get random people adding you to their contact list. You may be able to disapprove requests for people to add you, but I've often found random people on my MSN contact list, which can be a little annoying as I didn't choose to add them.

Another disadvantage, and this is to do with your internet connection rather than MSN itself, is that conversations can sometimes be cut off due to poor internet connections, which can be very annoying.

Also, some features of MSN Messenger may not be compatible with someone else's computer, so if one of your contacts has a newer version for example, they may try to send you pictures or other features that will not display properly, especially if they are using a MAC computer and you are using a PC.  

Overall though, MSN Messenger is very useful and, if you are sensible with who you add and who you talk to, very safe to use.

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