What Is The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook?


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Very important advantage is that you can find all your old friends and start communicating especially if you lost contact in years
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Facebook is a social networking website. It was launched on February 2004. It is free access website. It can be easily operated.

Following are the advantages of using face book:

- It is very interactive and fun.

- You can maintain and increase your social circle.

- It has games and applications.

- Users can upload and share photoes and music albums.
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We can socialize with everyone, talk to our families, make quizzes, make usages of applications and games. It is also fun and interactive.

The disadvantages is that we can be much addicted to it, so we should keep a time limit. We should carefully use it and we shouldn't chat with any stranger.

Hope it is useful to all :)
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The advantages are that 1. You can connect with family and friends for free and 2. There are great apps

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