What Features Does MSN Messenger Offer?


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Louise Gorman answered

MSN Messenger offers many features. You can add smileys, add or change a display picture, give yourself a nickname, change the colour scheme of your messenger box, send pictures to your contacts and so on.

If you wish, you can use a picture of yourself for your display picture, choose from a list of pictures or add your own pictures. Your display picture will be on show for your contact to see.

You can send and receive animated smileys. When you receive a smiley, right click on your mouse and click 'add'. Assign a shortcut key to your smiley. Once you have done this the smiley that you were sent will now be added to your own collection.

When you choose a nickname for yourself, this, like your display picture, can be seen by your contact. You can also type in phrases that will be on show.

You are also able to send 'nudges' to your contacts. This can be found on a toolbar with your other smileys. Nudges can be used for various purposes, from alerting your contact to just being sent for fun.

Changing the colour scheme will alter the colour of your messenger box.

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